Totally Tailored Nutrition

Beyond Nutrition is committed to providing you with nutrition advice that is bespoke to you and your circumstances, not off-the-peg solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach.

Science fact, not science fiction

Beyond Nutrition only provides information based on sport science and nutritional research, not marketing hype. Our advice represents the latest thinking in nutritional science and is provided to you in a practical way that works in the real world.

Education and support, not prescriptive plans

Beyond Nutrition wants you to be self-sufficient in making the right nutrition choices. We’ll help you to understand what to do, and more importantly why you are doing it. That way, you have the knowledge to make the right nutrition decisions, whatever situation you find yourself in.

Sustainable results, not quick-fix gimmicks

Beyond Nutrition understands that small changes done consistently over a period of time will always work better in the long run than drastic changes that are difficult to follow. All out programmes are designed to fit in with your lifestyle, likes and dislikes making it easier for you to make lasting changes.


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