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Vitamin D for Athletes

The sun provides 90% of vitamin D for humans

Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency could be one of the most important factors affecting the health of the nation today – a bit strong? Well, in case you’ve been a sleep for the past five years or so, it turns out that vitamin D plays a critical role in mental health, immunity and inflammation, muscle strength, hormone balance and intestinal health, not just bone health as old textbooks would have us believe. Furthermore, 50% of the UK population are thought to have insufficient levels (1) – i.e. they are not technically deficient, but below optimal levels – and it is … Continue reading

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CoQ10 and Muscle Damage in Athletes


A recent report in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), available as a nutritional supplement, may help athletes recover more quickly from exercise induced oxidative stress and muscle damage. The headlines are certainly exciting: In a group of 20 ultra-endurance athletes markers for oxidative stress and inflammation were reduced among those who took 5 x 30mg of CoQ10 in the two days prior to and immediately before a 50K race at altitude, compared with the placebo group. Additionally creatinine, a marker of muscle damage, was also lower in the CoQ10 group (Diaz-Castro et al., 2011). Conclusion? … Continue reading

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