Lectures & Workshops

Paul chamberlain is an experienced public speaker, having delivered hundreds of lectures on nutrition all over the UK and Ireland. All sessions are planned to meet the specific needs of your group and are delivered in a style to suit their particular knowledge level.

Examples of sports nutrition topics:

Nutrient timing – what to eat before, during and after training

Recovery nutrition

Nutrition for endurance athletes

Marathon nutrition

Hydration strategies in competition

Nutrition strategies for gaining lean mass

Nutrition strategies for weight-making sports

SupplementsĀ  in sport – science fact versus science fiction

Supplements and anti-doping regulations

Nutrition for traveling athlete

Examples of general nutrition topics:

Weight management

Food myths v food facts

Healthy eating

Female health

Immune health

Bone health

Digestive health

Nutrition workshops can vary in length from 30 minutes to full days or more. Contact me now for more information and to discuss your requirements.


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